How To Store Smoked Meat

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Before refrigeration, both salting and smoking were the main meat preservation methods. Although refrigeration changed how meat is preserved, it is not an alternative to the flavor of smoked meat. Smokers are available to ensure you enjoy the delicious flavor of smoked meat. You can use a smoker to smoke your meat in the backyard. Do not confuse smoking with grilling.

Grilling is a high-heating process in which meat is suspended over an open flame. On the other hand, smoking relies on low temperatures, (180-225 degrees Fahrenheit) indirect heat. In most states, common smoke woods include oak, hickory, apple, mesquite, and cherry. Historically, smoking was done as a means of preserving meat since the smoke acts as an acidic coating.

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The acid coat prevents the growth of bacteria. Also, it helps, to dehydrate your meat and create an environment that is hostile for bacteria to grow in. In modern times, smoking food is primarily meant to enhance food’s color and flavor. But is also a great way to preserve meat.

Store Smoked Meat

Two Ways Of Smoking Meat

Hot Smoking

It is done at temp not less than 150 degrees Fahrenheit. The aim of hot smoking is to cook the meat as well as flavor it.

Cold Smoking

It is performed at temp not exceeding 100 degrees Fahrenheit. This technique does not cook the meat, rather it is meant to flavor it. This method is perfect to add a smoke flavor to cured fish without cooking it. You can also use it to impart a smoky flavor to salami or other cured meats before you hand them to dry.

Ways Of Smoking Meat

Smokers come in different sizes and shapes and can use a variety of fuel such as electricity, propane, charcoal and more to generate smoke. You can also modify backyard kettle grills to act as a smoker. In case you buy a stand-alone smoker, ensure you have enough outdoor space.

After smoking your meat, you can vacuum seal it for storage. Vacuum sealing the meat prevents loss of the smoke flavor and also helps to extend the shelf life. If you live in the field, you can still use the traditional smoking technique.

The traditional method is also a great idea for hunters. But to for great results, ensure you vacuum sealer your meat after smoking.

Safety precautions when smoking your meat.

  • Make sure the meat is clean before smoking it.
  • Ensure the smoker produces proper temperature.
  • Wash your smoking surface to avoid cross-contamination

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