How To Use A Meat Grinder – Step by Step Guide

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Now that you are aware of how to assemble a meat grinder, it is time to move on to using a meat grinder.

Note: There will be a slight difference between the way of using a manual and electrical meat grinder for bones. I will mention when it comes up to use a different method for each grinder.


Step by Step Guide to Use a Meat Grinder

To know more about how to use a meat grinder, let’s check the following steps:

How To Use A Meat Grinder

Step 1: Preparing the meat

Whatever recipe you are making, try to pick the best meat of its kind, whether beef, turkey, chicken, lamb, mutton, or pork. Remove their skin and bones, and cut them into smaller pieces that will fit into your grinder.

You can add salt and pepper, onions, or other spices for seasoning before you put them to grind. Some people prefer adding seasoning before they start putting them in the grinder.

Step 2: Feeding the meat into the grinder

Put the meat into the grinder using the feeding bar. Make sure not to use your hands to push down the meat. It is better to put cold meat through the feed tube, as it helps with the meat stick less to your grinder.

Step 3: Start cranking the machine

If you are using an electrical meat grinder, then you do not have to go through the trouble of spinning the handle to grind your meat. But if not, then better get at moving the crank to put the blades into work.

You can choose the speed setting if you are using an electrical meat grinder. It is recommended to start at a lower speed and then gradually increasing it as time passes.

Place a bowl or something like a container to catch the grounded meat as it comes out of the grinder once it’s done mincing.

You can repeat the grinding process with the same meat slices again to make it properly grounded to your satisfaction.

Step 4: Cleaning

You must clean your meat grinder thoroughly as much as possible once you are done mincing your meat. Clean it before and after using.

After cleaning, disassemble the parts to store them up. Be sure not to lose any parts of the meat grinder by any chance.

If you are using an electrical meat grinder, then make sure to disconnect the power supply from it before assembling or disassembling it.

Tips and Warning to Use a Meat Grinder

Tips and Warning

Do not leave your meat out for too long before grinding. Keep it in the freezer, and do not leave it out for more than two hours. This is also to keep your meat hygiene because the warmth can ruin your raw meat over time.

Do not use your hand to push the meat into the grinder. Use the feed tube that came with your meat grinder. Before and after using the grinder, sanitize the components. Let them dry before putting them up for the store.

Freeze your grinder and meat for grinding meat without making a mess. This may sound odd, but it actually helps freeze the meat and grinder parts for cleaning your grinder afterward; if ou can place your meats and grinder parts in the freezer and take them out before grinding.



The meat grinder may be one of the most important home appliances out there if you are a meat lover. There are a lot of models and sizes out there for manual and electrical meat grinders. Choosing the right size and feature is as important as knowing how to operate them.

In this article, we tried to cover how to keep good maintenance for meat grinders. Many people buy processed meat from shops but then stop because of concerns around hygiene factors. You want processed meat at home from now on? Then this may be high time for you to buy a meat grinder for yourself.


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