Is A Sous Vide Worth It?

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Sous vide cooking has become popular due to the availability of affordable sous vide devices. However, is sous vide worth it?

In sous vide cooking, you use sous vide immersion circulator. But there are other devices of cooking such as PID-controlled water bath, Combi-ovens, slow cooker hacks, cooler and rice cooker. Most chefs prefer sous vide cooking to all these cooking methods.

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Is A Sous Vide Worth It?

So what are the advantages of sous vide cooking?

The most obvious advantage of a sous vide device is that you can cook food perfectly every time you enter your kitchen – with a little effort. You don’t experience instances of rubbery chicken, overcooked fish or chewy steak.

That’s not the only benefit of sous vide cooking! The slow, oxygen-free cooking condition helps to keep the food’s invaluable nutrients. Plus, the foods prepared in vacuum-sealed bags are more shelf stable as compared to those prepared on the stovetop.

That means you can prepare more meals in advance without any worries of spoiling your dinner. In sous vide cooking, proteins such as pork and chicken can be served at a lower temp than when using traditional cooking techniques.

Sous vide cooking increases the minimum cooking time. Thus, this process pasteurizes the food, meaning that subtly pink chicken and medium-rare pork chops are ideally safe to eat.

Closed bags create a humid condition that efficiently braises your food, so ingredients prepared through this technique are always more tender and noticeably juicer. Also, sous vide cooked meals don’t brown, but a minor sear adds a new flavor that most people love.

Better – sous vide cooking is a “set and forget it” technique of cooking. Just seal your food, put it in the water bath, and relax on the couch. Since the water bath can never go above the required temperature, your food can never exceed your desired level of doneness.


Do you think a sous vide device is perfect for your kitchen?

If you want to implement a healthy diet for your family, a sous vide device is a perfect device. Sous vide cooked foods have a better taste, after spending extra minutes at constant temperature.

Therefore, you can devote your time to more creative and interesting cooking technique.

With all these benefits a sous vide is worth it. It is a convenient device that adds to your high-end kitchen tools. Plus, sous vide devices are simple to use and don’t require any technical settings. You can use most sous vide devices with any pot others use it in the kitchen sink.


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