How To Make A Homemade Pregnancy Test?

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Homemade pregnancy tests are do-it-yourself strategies that you may perform to ascertain whether you are pregnant or not. They take advantage of the ordinary items, chemicals, and tools in the ordinary house setting to do this. These strategies are important for various reasons. They are cheaper, more efficient, and faster compared to clinical methods.

Moreover, they also present the first avenue through which you may, under the slightest suspicion, determine whether you are indeed pregnant or not. This is before you can even go to a hospital and officially confirm your pregnancy status.

We have dedicated the entire article to discussing these strategies in greater detail. We are going to explain how to carry out one of the simplest tests of this kind. We are thereafter going to examine the safety precautions you have to adhere to while traveling this path as well as the factors to consider while selecting the right method. We will finish off with some frequently asked questions and their corresponding answers.

homemade pregnancy test kit

How to Make a Homemade Pregnancy Test

There are several homemade pregnancy testing options. However, the simplest and most convenient is the use of sugar.

This is because sugar is cheap and widely abundant in nature. There is no kitchen where you cannot find the sugar.

Homemade Pregnancy Test Kit

Tools and Materials Required

To go about this test, you will need the following tools and materials:

  • Teaspoon
  • Sugar
  • Bowl

Step-by-step Guide

Step I: Placing the Sugar in the Bowl

Start off by placing the sugar in the bowl. Scoop preferably three teaspoons of sugar and pour them progressively into the bowl. Be sure that the bowl is completely dry in order not to arrive at fake observations or outcomes.

Step II: Urinate in the Bowl

Now proceed to urinate directly into the bowl. For the best ever results, you are advised to urinate very early in the morning immediately after you have woken up and moments before you take anything for breakfast.

Step III: Wait for Sometime

After you have urinated, leave the sugar in the bowl for some time, preferably five minutes. This is to give the sugar molecules enough time to dissolve in the urine. In case you take the observations earlier or later than five minutes, you might end up with very erroneous conclusions.

Step IV: Observe the Results

Now observe the results. The most likely outcomes are two. First is that the sugar might dissolve in the urine. The second alternative is that the sugar might not dissolve in the urine. Take note of these two possibilities at the back of your mind as you observe the results.

Step V: Deduce the Outcome

As stated, there are only two possibilities. The first possibility is that the sugar might dissolve in the urine. If this is the case, then you are NOT pregnant. If however, the sugar DOES NOT dissolve in the urine, this indicates that you are indeed pregnant.


Factors to Consider Before Carrying Out a Homemade Pregnancy Test

As stated, there are several techniques that you may utilize for this homemade pregnancy test. Before you select a given technique, there are several factors you have to watch out for. These include the following:

Technical Expertise

How capable are you in carrying out the given test? Do you have what it takes to perform the test accurately and reliably? It is necessary that you answer this question conclusively as the success or the failure of the test is largely hinged on this.

Relevant Tools-of-trade

Apart from the manner in which the test is carried out, the various tools-of-trade employed also matters. You have to see to it that you have all the tools and materials that are necessary and proper for the execution of the said test. It is only for that matter that you will arrive at a viable conclusion.

Reliability of the Chosen Method

All methods are prone to some errors or inaccuracies; pregnancy testing options are by all means no exception. You have to ascertain the reliability or accuracy of the given method. This way, you will minimize the possibility of arriving at erroneous results and outcomes.

Cost Implications

It goes without saying that each of the various testing options is accompanied by cost implications. You certainly have to put this into consideration as well. Choose an option that fits well within your budget to avoid unnecessary strains in the course of carrying out the test.


Safety Issues and Concerns

The Likelihood of False Readings

No human system is foolproof. Homemade testing options are certainly no exception to this universal rule. For this reason, you should expect to obtain false readings or inaccurate observations. To mitigate this possibility, you are advised to attempt at least two methods at a time.

Take Care of the Reaction Time

Some tests are time-dependent. This is to means that they have to be observed within strict timelines. Any failure to observe the time limits may give rise to false and inaccurate readings. The sugar test is perhaps the most vulnerable to this issue of time constraints.

Interferences from Medications

In case you are on medication, the composition of your urine, blood, and other bodily discharges may be compromised. This may, in turn, affect the nature of the outcomes. This is due to the fact that most pregnancy tests rely on these discharges. Watch out for this as well to avoid arriving at inaccurate observations.

Inaccurate Readings or Deductions

Even if every aspect of the tests is foolproof, there is still the likelihood that the readings or observations you obtain might be inaccurate. For you to overcome this issue, you are advised to try out at least two tests at a time. In case you doubt the outcomes, you may have to invite a third party to help you out. He/she is more likely to be unaffected by bias and will hence deliver a more reliable verdict.


Frequently Asked Questions

When is it best to carry out a homemade pregnancy test?

This largely depends on the test of choice. Regardless of the test of choice though, you ought to take it as soon as you have missed your period.

What is meant by a ‘faint line’ in pregnancy testing?

This refers to results that are ambiguous. This is to means that they are open to multiple interpretations and are therefore not so reliable. They are a common occurrence with homemade pregnancy tests.

Are homemade pregnancy tests that reliable?

They are fairly reliable. Please note that they are not meant to be final and should hence be supplemented with clinical tests.

Are there circumstances when this kind of test is not advised?

YES. Avoid taking this test when you are on medication as this may compromise the test results.

Which homemade pregnancy test is the most effective?

Tests that measure the levels of human chorionic gonadotropin in the urine are by far the most reliable of all the homemade pregnancy tests.

How much should I anticipate parting with?

These tests are way too cheap. Moreover, they utilize common household tools, materials, and other items. Expect to spend almost no dime except for the purchase of a few items which might not be readily available at home.



Well, it is our hope that you have found our explanations of the subject matter of homemade pregnancy tests above quite insightful. Even if you stay in an area that is next to a reliable healthcare facility, we still advise you to attempt this test. This is for the sake of emergencies and to act as the first line of defense.

All the best in your next test!


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