Parents for Playgrounds – Discussion in Details

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How Does Parents for Playgrounds Work?

Nominations 15 February to 16 March

15 February to 16 March: Nominate a tired or abandoned UK playground, park or play space to win a renovation bursary.

17 to 21 March: Our judges will go through all the nominations and create a shortlist of playgrounds.

From 23 March: The nation will vote on the shortlisted play areas, and we’ll help people the who nominated them rally support and campaign for votes.

27 April: The winning play areas will be announced.

May: Renovations will kick off so each can be ready in time for summer.

Parents for Playgrounds - Discussion in Details

How far does £15,000 go?

Play equipment, landscaping, cleanup and repainting are all options. Don’t be put off nominating if you’re unsure whether your playground can be renovated for £15,000. Our play experts will be going through your entry themselves to see what work can be done.

What counts as a playground?

A playground is any place where children are able to play outdoors, from traditional playgrounds to adventure play areas and landscaped green spaces. Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Play England will ultimately determine if a nomination can be classed as a playground and be renovated for up to £15,000.

Can I nominate a school playground?

No. Parents for Playgrounds is designed to help local communities preserve public play spaces, outside of the school environment.

How do I nominate a playground in the Parents for Playgrounds campaign?

Check the map! Your playground may already be on our list (look for a green pin) or you may need to add it (and a few details) yourself. Regardless of how you nominate, you’ll get to provide a short comment on why your playground should win.

If I can’t provide all of the information will my nomination be discounted?

No, but please do your best. More information means a greater chance of winning, so if you are adding your own playground please try to answer all of the questions.

Do I have to upload a picture?

Please try and upload a picture if you can. Again, we won’t discount your nomination if you don’t have one, but the more information you are able to give our judges, the better.

What if someone has already nominated my local playground?

If your local playground has already been nominated you can still help it win a renovation bursary by uploading photos and adding comments. Make sure you keep up to date with the campaign on Ready for Ten so you can vote for your playground if it makes the shortlist.

Can I nominate more than one playground?

No, it’s just one nomination per person. This is so that during the vote, when the people who have nominated the shortlisted playgrounds take on an ambassador role, no-one finds themselves having to generate support for two playgrounds.

How do I know if my nomination has been registered?

After you have nominated your playground, a notification will flash up on screen to let you know that your nomination has been received. You will also receive a confirmation email. If you are still unsure, you can check our map of nominated sites to confirm your playground is there.

Who can I contact if I have any problems nominating?

If you have any problems nominating a playground, please contact us via the feedback form.

If I nominate a playground will you need to contact me again?

If your playground is being considered for the shortlist and we need more information, a member of the Ready for Ten team may be in touch.

How will Robinsons Fruit Shoot judge which playgrounds are shortlisted?

Shortlisted playgrounds will be those that the judges believe will benefit the most from a renovation bursary of up to £15,000. Planning permission, the compliance of local authorities and community consultation will also be taken into consideration.

Who decides which playgrounds are shortlisted?

Shortlisted playgrounds will be selected by Robinsons Fruit Shoot, Patsy Kensit and Play England.

When and where will the shortlist be announced?

We’ll announce the shortlist on Ready for Ten at the end of March 2011.

How will I know if my playground is shortlisted?

If your playground is going to be shortlisted, you will be notified before the shortlist is made public. We’ll contact you via the email address or telephone number you provided at the nomination stage.

How will I know if my playground is shortlisted?

Voting 23 March to 20 April

What will I be expected to do if my playground gets shortlisted?

If your playground is shortlisted, you will be invited to rally support in your community and generate as much public awareness as you can, in order to give it more votes and a better chance of winning. The Ready for Ten team help you do this.

How do I vote?

Each shortlisted playground has its own page where you can learn more about it and vote for it. A notification will flash up on screen to let you know that your vote has been registered.

How many playgrounds can I vote for?

You can vote for up to five shortlisted playgrounds.

Can I vote more than once for the same playground?

You can only vote for a shortlisted playground once, but you are welcome to leave comments and messages of support for that playground as well.

How will the winning playgrounds be chosen? How many will there be?

The winning playgrounds will be voted for by the general public and selected by a panel including Robinsons Fruit Shoot, Patsy Kensit and Play England. Up to five playgrounds will receive renovation bursaries of up to £15,000.

How will I know if my playground is chosen as a winner?

If your playground wins one of the renovation bursaries, the Ready for Ten team will notify you before the winners are publicly announced. They’ll get in touch via the email address or telephone number you provided at the nomination stage.

Renovations 27 April to 25 July

How will I receive the renovation bursary?

The money won’t go to you but to the local council or local authority that owns the playground. You will still be an important part of the project, as you will have helped bring some valuable funding into your local community.

What will I have to do if my playground is chosen as a winner?

If your playground receives one of the renovation bursaries, you will be asked to blog about and take pictures of the renovations, so other parents who voted for that playground can follow the story. You won’t have to do this alone, though, as the Ready for Ten team will help you through the process.

What do I do if my playground isn’t chosen for renovation?

If your playground isn’t selected for renovation this time, don’t give up, as there may be other ways you can secure funding. Play England can help you with further information and advice.

How can I help with one of the playground renovations?

If one of our winning playgrounds is near you, you’re more than welcome to help out with the renovations, as we would like to get as many local people involved as we can. Visit the profile page of the relevant playground to find out how.

Who will decide what equipment goes into the renovated playgrounds and who will look after it?

Robinsons Fruit Shoot and Play England will be working closely with each local community and authority to ensure that the winning playgrounds are renovated in a style that is wanted and needed by the local parents and children.

What about health and safety?

Renovations will be different for every playground that receives a bursary, but all renovations will be carried out to a standard that meets the UK’s safety and legal requirements. After renovation the relevant local authority will be responsible for the upkeep of the playground.


What are Parents for Playgrounds about?

Parents for Playgrounds is a national mission launched by Robinsons Fruit Shoot. It asks parents to nominate a playground that is in need of repair, to give it the chance of winning a renovation bursary of up to £15,000.

The campaign is supported by expert play charity Play England and celebrity mum Patsy Kensit. Parents can nominate on from the 15th February to the 16th March 2011.

Why is Robinsons Fruit Shoot launching Parents for Playgrounds?

Robinsons Fruit Shoot believe that outdoor play is important and see that recent spending cuts are having a major impact on the areas where children can play. Parents for Playgrounds is designed to promote and preserve traditional outdoor play around the country and help children stay active, healthy and happy.

What is Play England and what is their role in the campaign?

As part of the registered children’s charity NCB (National Children’s Bureau), Play England campaigns to reverse the decline of children’s freedom and space to play. It aims for all children and young people in England to have access to free, inclusive, local play provision and space.


Play England will be involved in the shortlisting of nominations and in the playground renovation process. It will also be providing a dedicated play expert to work with the winning playgrounds and the relevant local authority, supporting and aiding them through the design and build process.

As a mum of two boys, Patsy understands the importance of outdoor play to a child’s development. Patsy’s role is to raise awareness of the campaign and encourage others parents to nominate and vote for their local playground.

Patsy will be promoting Parents for Playgrounds in several interviews and articles. Between the 15th February and 16th March she will also be the guest editor of Ready for Ten.

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