Sealed Mason Jars By Using Vacuum Sealer

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You may be used to vacuum bags and rolls. But you can also try mason jars. Ideally, sealing a mason jar is as simple as sealing a plastic/polyethylene bag.

However, you have to set up the equipment first. Place the hose into your sealer and the other end into the jar sealer attachment.

Fill the jar with the food or item you are going to seal and then place the lid on the jar top.

At this step, do not place the ring. Connect the jar sealer to the sealing unit. Then place the attachment atop the jar and tightly seal it on the top.

Press the switch on the sealer unit. The air in the jar will be sucked out. Once a vacuum environment is created inside the jar, you can place the ring.

In case the lid is damaged, it might leak air into the jar and cause spoilage of the sealed item. Thus, ensure the lid doesn’t have holes and it’s not damaged. One great aspect about vacuum sealing jars is that you can re-use the lids.

How to use sealed mason jars by Vacuum Sealer

Sealed Mason Jars By Using Vacuum Sealer

Since you are not heating the lids, the sealing compound in them is not destroyed, as in the case of normal canning. Hence, as long as the lid can hold the vacuum, you can re-use it.

Since there is no bag crushing your food, you can mason jars to seal items that are easily crushed and general fragile items. It is very simple to reseal jars, thus, keeping your bulk spices or herbs becomes a lot easier.

After opening the lid carefully, you can pick a portion of the store items and reseal the jar. One way to use mason jars is to freeze tomato sauce and homemade soup.

The lack of air (oxygen) prolongs the period you can store the food in the freezer or fridge. Note that most of the items you seal using a mason jar need to be kept in the refrigerator or freezer.

Apart from the common food preservation, you can use a mason jar to marinate your food. These jars offer perfect results just like sealer bags. Place your meat or fish into the jar and add your spices.

Then vacuum seal it, to cut down the amount of time required to marinade. The vacuum allows juices to penetrate into your meat or fish much faster. It helps you to prepare meals in minutes rather than hours.

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