Step By Step Guide To Clean Swamp Cooler Pads

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A swamp cooler is essential because it keeps your house cools. It is hard for you to survive in a tropical environment with air conditioners that are not recommended.

This appliance will leave your room fresh and cool. Pads are essential home appliances that turn hot air to cool air. However, you have to clean your swamp cooler pads every year based on the first day you turned it on.

Cleaning a swamp cooler pads is a straightforward process, try the instructions below on how to clean swamp cooler pads. If you realize that your swamp cooler is not functioning well, maybe you have been using it without cleaning.

Clean Swamp Cooler Pads

Why it’s important to clean Swamp Cooler Pads

  • Cleaning swamp cooler pads prolongs its lifespan.
  • Helps to reduce mineral build up.
  • It is essential because it removes terrible dead fish odors.
  • It helps to get rid of foreign matters, e.g., cottonwood seeds.
  • To improve the efficiency of the swamp the pads.


To clean Swamp Cooler Pads, the following equipment can help:

  • A Ladder – to access your roof.
  • Gloves – protects your hands from hot metal and small scratches and cuts.
  • Screwdriver – used to open the cover and get access to your cooler’s inside parts.
  • Protective glasses/goggles – to protect your eyes from debris.
  • Flashlight – used a torch to spot power outlets and then unplug them.
  • Hose pipe – this is useful to spray your pads properly.


Instruction to Clean a Swamp Cooler Pads: Step by Step

The following are step by step by step guide on how clean your best type of swamp cooler pads. You can clean it, believe in yourself;

swamp cooler pads cleaning guide

  1. Choose a calm day to clean the swamp cooler pads

Clean your cooler on a cold and nice day. If it is stormy or windy, don’t dare to carry on cleaning. Also, make sure the ladder you are using is stable.

  1. Unplug power outlets of the swamp cooler unit

Remove the panel and access the power outlet of the swamp cooler. Disconnect cords connected to the motor and pump. Don’t forget to disconnect power to the cooler.

  1. Remove and inspect cooler pads

Under this step, you need to get out cooling pads. Usually, you will find it the front part which is more relaxed and covered with mesh wire. In this part, unscrew the swamp cooler’s panel then slide out the cover from the front panel. After removing the front mesh wire, a top group will pop up automatically.

After removing the tube playing the role of the distribution section, you will spot the cooler’s pads. Since the distribution tube is not connected anywhere, pull it out quickly and place it safely. The pads get out from the panel soon, and you will get many pads’ sections based on your cooler’s design.

  1. Inspect the condition of the pads

Now, Check your swamp cooler pads condition carefully. If the pads are bulky and maybe falling apart, they may have held a batch of hard water. Replace them.

Therefore, after you check the pads’ condition, transport them safely from their position, then put them on the ground and carry out thorough cleaning.

  1. Clean your cooling pads

Manually remove the pads from the roof. Before cleaning, check carefully using manual instructions and identify the side is back and front. Washing should start with the backside of the pads then the front. Now use your hose then at a descending angle, tilt your pad.

You will spot grooves that are slanted, showing the directions on the swamp cooler pad. This enables you to clean  debris from the pad forcibly. Therefore, thoroughly continue washing your pads one by one. However, sometimes cleaning swamp cooler pads may be delicate when there are calcium residues on the pads. If you experience this, you need to replace them with new ones.

  1. Fix back the pads in their position

Once you are through with cleaning, transport them carefully in their position, followed by a supplied tube part on the top of the cooler’s pads.

  1. Connect back all energy outlets

After completion of the above steps, it is now time to plug in the swamp cooler’s pump and motor back. Tightly screw back the panel to its specific position. Here, before screwing or closing your refrigerator, make sure you have fixed everything to their particular locations.

Check around carefully if there is a part left behind. If there is no one, then you are through with the process; you can now enjoy fresh and cold air in your room.


Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions about swamp cooler pads cleaning

  1. How do you remove calcium from swamp cooler pads?

You can remove calcium from swamp cooler pads using an in-line water filter installed before evaporative cooler.

  1. How can you change swamp cooler pads?

Unplug motor and pump outlet power, unscrew the top panel, and then remove the mesh wire covering, slide the distribution section tub. Remove your pads then replace them with new ones. Fix all the parts back to their positions.

  1. How much are swamp cooler pads

It is less expensive. Its price ranges from $40 to $ 2,300, depending on your house. A bigger home will need a bigger unit.

  1. How long do swamp cooler pads last in swamp cooler pads?

Everything has a lifespan. Swamp cooler pads  replaced after 3 to 5 years. Failure to this, you will start feeling a fish-like smell from your cooler. Replace them and enjoy fresh and cool air conditioning in your room.

  1. What are swamp cooler pads made of?

Pads consist of aspen fibre. Fibre is a natural matter making them hold water in the pads.

  1. How can you remove the smell of new swamp cooler pads?

Apply 3 drops of tea tree oil to the swamp cooler pads. This will neutralize unpleasant odors. Tea tree produces a powerful aroma.

  1. How can you tell when swamp cooler pads be replaced?

You may know when to replace your pads after they have become massive and start to fall apart. This is a result of excess hard water held in the pads. When you see this, replace them with new ones.

  1. How often should you clean your swamp cooler pads?

It is essential to clean a swamp cooler pads. Therefore, it is good to clean the pads yearly based on the first day you started using the swamp cooler.

  1. How can you remove mineral buildup on swamp cooler pads?

Apply the cleaner product directly to the water inside the evaporative cooler panel, start the unit. The mineral and scale will be washed away from the pan.



Now, after you are done with the above step by steps guide on how to clean swamp more cooling pads, I hope that you now know how to clean your more cooling pads. Clean the pads yourself because it is straightforward. Also, I have explained what to do when your pads are bulky and falling apart; replace them.

Make sure to clean your pads annually based on the first time you started using the unit. Sometimes you may have no time to clean the cooler pads, call for help from an expert. Please don’t say you don’t know anymore because I have already shed some light on you.


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