Best Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

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Cooking from scratch can sometimes be fun and you should be part of it. Burgers that are made at home could be tasty just like that from your favorite snack shop. Just how do you get the best meat cuts for homemade burgers?

If you are looking for recipes that are easy to follow, here we go. Meat cuts that may be good for grinding when making burgers are short rib-eye cuts, hanger, round, brisket, chuck, and sirloin. Compared to others, these cuts are not expensive. They can be easily found and they come in flavors.

Best Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

Reasons to grind your burger meat

Below are the key reasons why you need to grind your burger meat:

To save money

It is wise to grind your meat because it will reduce some unnecessary costs. Quite often, supermarkets overprice ground beef. Why not go for the meat cuts and do the grinding by yourself?

It is healthier

Meat that appears on shelves of most local supermarkets appear bright red. Nitrogen is one chemical used for this purpose. Salmonella and E.coli outbreaks due to commercially prepared meat should be a wake-up call for you to realize the kind of meat to take home.

Select the best flavor

It is easier to choose your favorite meat cut to grind by yourself. Fresh brisket, sirloin or chuck can be obtained from the butchery. Those that are sold in supermarkets have no guarantee of being truly fresh.


Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

Best Meat Cuts For Homemade Burgers

The discussion below gives six cuts that will make the most delicious burgers

Chuck cut

The chuck cut is the best to go for. It is cut from the upper part of a cow near the upper shoulder. This is what most burgers eaters like. Nearly one hundred percent of burgers are made from chuck. From its well-marbled form to its flavor which is melt-in-the-mouth and buttery, the feeling is finger-licking.

The ratio of meat to fat is 80/20 and this is a perfect balance. That is why most people prefer its juicy taste rather than that oily and greasy taste. You are most likely to see a label written “chuck pot roast” as you go to shop at your nearest grocery or store.

Sirloin cut

The back region of a cow is used to make sirloin. It comes in different cuts and gives different tastes. It is recommended that you cut the top sirloin steaks instead of other sirloin areas. This is because this part makes very delicious burgers.

If you want to have your sirloin added to patties of your burger, it’s beefiness will be felt. sirloin is tender and it has a nutty, grassy but sour taste. Compared to chuck, sirloin is healthier because of its meat-to-fat ratio. Sirloin has many variations, you may want to buy bottom loin, tenderloin or sirloin.

Brisket cut

Also known as blue-collar cut, the brisket cut from the chest area of a cow. Among the primal cuts of beef, it is one of them. It can be prepared in many ways such as boiling, braising, or roasting. Its price is also economical. Its flavor is a bit sour and grassy it is very different from other cuts.

The blend of such tastes gives you a potato and meat taste. However, this cut needs to be ground thoroughly because of its tissues that are tough and interconnected. Well, not all of us like lean cuts, some will just go for fatty cuts! “Flat cut” is the label you will see on a leaner brisket while “nose cut” is the label for those who would rather pick the fat one.

Round cut

This is simply that meat is cut from the rear leg. It is relatively cheap and has a very low ratio of meat to that of fats which is 85/15. This round steak could be very tough especially when being cooked.

However, it is a great cut for your burger because some customers’do not like too many fats in their burgers of choice. You may also want to mix it with chuck cuts and the taste is just great.

Hanger cut

It is cut from the diaphragm. Butcher’s steak is its other name. It is one of those cheapest cuts you have ever known. Its gaminess nature makes it more favorable to many people. It contains moderate fats and this makes it a healthier option to use it for making burgers. It has a cheesy flavor and an overtime too.

Short eye rib cut

It is a cut from the meaty area of the rib and found in the front half and the area below the loin. It is cheap and tasty as well. So, adding it to your burger will be a good idea. Just like most meat cuts, it has a sour taste, almost nutty and grassy and this blend won’t disappoint you.

The ratio of meat-to-fat is relatively high. It goes through fine marbling hence staying moist. This gives the burger a great taste once they are fully cooked.


Pattie Making Tips

Quick and Easy Meat Grinding and Pattie Making Tips

  • For 15 minutes, freeze your favorite cut before chopping it further into cubes. You will realize that frozen meat is easier to cut.
  • Again, make sure the attachment for meat grinding, is frozen for not less than 30 minutes. These include the plate and the blade. When the grinding equipment is cold, cutting gets much easier.
  • After freezing both the equipment and your meat, cut your meat into 1 to 2 inches of cubes before they are grounded.
  • This is the point where you need to season your favorite cut so that it retains a great flavor.
  • Do the shaping of the patties without having to mix or knead them thoroughly. Do this on a platter immediately after grounding.
  • Once your patties have taken your favorite shape, add your favorite amount of salt. Salt works to dissolve proteins found in muscles. This makes your burger tender and moist.
  • Put your patties in the refrigerator waiting to be cooked.



Question: How to grind meat without a bone meat grinder?

Use a blender or meat processor if you don’t want to use a meat grinder that grinds bones. Blender are the best option because you only need the meat, processor and a tin foil.

Question: What meat grinder plate sizes should i have to grinder meat with bones?

When it comes to grinding meat with bones, use a 3/8″ hole size plate and use a smaller plate size when grinding the second time.

Question: How to clean a meat grinder?

  1. Utilize bread pieces to act as grease sponges.
  2. Disassemble the meat grinder.
  3. Soak the grinder parts in soapy water.
  4. Wash each part of the disassembled meat grinder using your hand.
  5. Leave the parts to dry.

Question: How to clean meat grinder plates?

  1. Remove the small pieces of meat from the plates using your hand.
  2. Detach the grinder plates from the grinder
  3. Clean using your hand.
  4. Use soapy lukewarm water.
  5. Leave the plates to dry.


Final words

Burgers do not need to be costly. They are the easiest and cheapest snacks to make. They also do not require a lot of time to make except for starters. Grab this chance, get your best meat cuts for homemade burgers from the nearest butcher shop or supermarket and get down to work.

Why don’t you make tasty burgers as those found at your favorite burger shop?

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