Tips to Select the Right Tires for Your Tractor

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A tractor is one of the essential tools for a farmer. If someone owns a tractor or looking forward to owning one, they should know about how to make the right choice when buying its tires.

The tire of a tractor is one of the most important things on which its performance depends.

There are different kinds of tractor tires, so the buyer has some level of alternative to choose from. So, choosing the appropriate tractor tire which is beneficial for your work of the field, is important.

One should know which type of tire will facilitate greatly according to their needs. That is why I am providing you with this guide on choosing the right tire for your tractor.

Tips to Select the Right Tires for Your Tractor

How to Find the Right Tire for Your Tractor?

Of course, you have options when it comes to tractor tires, you just have to know the right options for you. As already told, it is essential to have the right kind of tires with the right kind of workplace.

There are some factors to consider while you are purchasing. The traction of the tractor tire, the rubber quality, tread design, etc.

Choosing the right tractor tire can be sometimes difficult. Here are some tips to help you through choosing the right type of tractor tire for your work:

Type of Tires

Mainly there is three types of tires with different functions and roles for jobs under different conditions. There is also another kind of minor different tires for tractors, but we are going to discuss the major three to narrow down your options first. They are briefly described below.

  • Turf tires

These are the kind of tires that is the least aggressive out of the three tires I am about to discuss in this section. They are specifically designed for mowing your yard. If you own a lawnmower, then these are the right kinds of tractor tires for mowing.

  • R4 (Construction tires)

The R4 tires are comparatively less aggressive and designed for hard grounds. They give a bit more traction to the tires on the construction site than an agricultural tire and resistant to asphalt, gravel, and concrete.

R4 tires are are wider and larger in some areas in order to be able to carry more weight. They are very much preferred on construction sites.

  • Ag tires

Ag tires are the most aggressive kind. They were designed to be run on grounds with loose dirt and a soft field. These tires have large treads with more traction, which allows them to dig into the soft surface.

They are also very good at working on snowy grounds, and most preferred on sites with muddy work. If you are a farmer, then these are the best kind of tractor tires you can put to use for agricultural work on your field.

What Kind of Tire Came with Your Tractor While Buying?

The tire which came with your tractor when you first bought it, is supposed to be the most suitable for that tractor.

This is because the manufacturers are supposed to provide tires that are purely designed for that tractor. This is with tractor tires on most of the cases, but there can be exceptions.

There can also be a better options out there for your tractor.

As time passes, those tires will wear down with each use and will start to have more slippage. When you look for new tires then, keep the tires that came with the tractor as your first priority.

Tire for Forestry Work

Tractors are also seen on forestry work sometimes. There are mainly three types of tires when it comes to forest work categories for tractors:

  • Standard tires with traditional radial casings.
  • Tires with IF (Increased Flexion) casings.
  • VF (Very high flexion) tires

The standard tire needs adjustment to the tire pressure according to the grounds needs. They have to be used with caution. VF or IF tires have more flexibility and solidity. The VF tire can drove on road with low pressure, you do not have to adjust the pressure when on-road or a field.

Farming Tires

Tractors are mostly used on agricultural grounds for farming purposes, but there could be any kinds of farming and the need for tractor tires needs to be sorted to its need.

There is livestock farming, harvesting, viticulture, and arboriculture. The demand for tires may fluctuate accord to its needs.

If you are working with vines or trees, then you would want tires with low pressure. There are tires with specific adjustments for this.

IF/VF technology is supposed to provide you with the best traction on a field that you are harvesting. They are easier to control for as far as farm machinery goes for reducing tire pressure, and avoids soil compaction.

They will dig less into the soil if they are less inflated. A VF tire has a load capacity of 55% of weight more than its own.

Opt tire is a combination of rubber and resin on the tread, designed to be used in livestock farming. You need to use such reinforced tires for their load capacity.

There are also newly designed tires for this version that eliminates any risk on livestock farms.

How to Find the Right Tire for Your Tractor?

Used or New Tires?

Buying a new tire is a very good idea for tire replacement but if you cannot afford it, then go for a used tire that is eligible for second-hand use (meaning: they are not too much wear out or torn out to be used for risk prevention).

Things you should look at when buying a used tractor tire:

  • Tire wear
  • Cracking
  • What do you actually want the tire for (make sure of that first)
  • Price (depends on its usage)
  • How much tread has worn out

New tires can be expensive but if you need brand new fresh tires, then you might have to start saving money for them. If you are going to do a lot of heavy-duty work and need a tire to last for a long time, then getting a new tire is suggested.


Since there are many types of tires, consider carefully before you buy. There are many renowned tire manufacturers such as Apollo, Birla, CEAT, BKT, JK Tyres, etc.

You can look into them, they are good brands. They can provide you with long-term investment.

Of course, it would be better if you could get tires with optimized fuel potency, they will not only increase your tractor performance but also save your money in the long-term.

Carefully decide what you are exactly looking for before you invest in any tractor tires.

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