When to Replace Tractor Tires – 5 Signs

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Tractors are used by lots of farmers working on agricultural farms over the year. So, tractor tires are also being used along with it. Tractor tires are not only important for tractors but similar kind of tires are used in lawnmowers too.

Tractor tires also need to be replaced every now and then, give or take few years. This needs to be done for getting the best overall performance possible from your tractor or lawnmower. Just like the way you treat your car tires, tractor tires also need that attention from time to time. They needs to be replaced if needed. These tires are often neglected, unlike car tires.

Replacing your tractor tires can maximize the functionality of your machine. Even if you use the tractor rarely, it is important to identify when a replacement is needed. Inspection from time to time is needed, so it can save the cost. This is going to be caused during the downtime. Doing this will help to prevent downtime and keep up the performance of your tractor for a long.

Signs That Tell You to Replace Your Tractor Tires

When to Replace Tractor Tires – 5 Signs

Your tractor tires need to be changed. When time passes as you are using a best tractor tire for a long time, you will see some symptoms that indicate that. Such signs are listed and discussed below-

  • Dry rot
  • Air Pressure Problems
  • There are multiple cuts in, or chunks missing from, the tread./EXPOSED BODY PLIES AND BELTS
  • Poor traction/ Wheel Slippage
  • Rough ride while mowing/wobbly ride

Dry Rot

This is a good indicator to let you know its is time for replacing your tire. This usually happens to unused or old tires but dry can also occur for other reasons too. When you see there are multiple cracks on the rubber of the tire or the tread, you will know your tire has dry rot. These tires should be replaced or there is a chance for it to blow out while you are riding on them. This can cause injury by accident.

This usually happens when there is moisture inside the tire that starts to evaporate, which leads to weakening the tire. These tires are prone to blowout while you drive them. So, you should avoid driving on tires with dry rot.

A tire is usually at risk of dry rot if it is older than six years or so, but it could also happen sooner if given the circumstances. The best indication for this case are cracks in the sidewall or lower section of the tread, that is when you will know it is time for new tires.

Air Pressure

Another important thing to look after if you want to detect whether it is time for your tires to be changed, is to see if it is losing air pressure consistently. Tractor tires are mostly engaged in agricultural works on the field and there are likely to have fenceposts or other sharp hidden objects that may damage the tractor tires.

Tractor tires do not need to be filled with air regularly. If you refill them with air very frequently, then they are likely to crack. Then you will need to replace another tire. Keeping the right air pressure on the tire is important for its longevity.

The tractor tires usually get punctured because they are exposed to crops and other hidden materials possibly left there, so leading it to lose air due to leakage. Use a tool that is able to measure the air pressure of the tire or observe the tire for cracks and visible wear, to check them daily.

Before you go on work that involves your tractor, check the tire first. There must be a puncture in the tire if you could not find any leak from the valve stem. If there is a slow leak somehow and you ignore it, there is a chance that you will damage the body plies by running an inflated tire. Even if you are not able to check your tire daily, at least check couple of times a month.

Cuts or Missing chunks

Tractor tires used in agricultural fields are exposed to many objects and conditions that cut and tear on the exterior rubber of the tire. If these cuts or tears occur due to the exposed body plies or belts, then the tire cannot be used as it is. It is then time for changing them for better performance.

If the cut gets deep enough and exposes the body plies or belts, it definitely needs to be changed, otherwise, it won’t deliver proper performance. Because the body plies and belts are the reason for the tire to derive strength from to contain the inflation pressure. If they get damaged then they would make the tire unusable. Inspect the sidewalls and tread area of the tractor tire regularly so you can see if anybody plies or belts needs a replacement for that tire.

Poor Traction or Wheel slippage

It is the job of the tread of a tire to handle the slippage of a tire. This is important while going uphill or across the wet grass of a lawn. The tread was designed in such a way. It is supposed to handle the uneven grounds while operating on them.

It is the support of the tread that allows the tractor to run on slippery or uneven grounds. If you notice that your tractor is struggling to uphill or too much slippage is occurring, then it might be because of the low tread depth due to its depletion. This usually happens when the tread depth decreases below 20% of its original depth, then it starts losing its traction in such conditions.

If operating on wet soil condition keep causing higher slip rate, then it will take much longer to get a job done and will use up more fuel than usual, which is very inefficient.

Many tractor operators will be able to tell when their tractor is operating differently than usually, they do, because of the tire slippage. Checking the slip rate is actually a good way to determine if your tractor tire is experiencing any slippage. Some new tractor models have wheel slip indicators which can give you an accurate rate of wheel slippage.

Even if your tractor does not have this wheel slip indicator feature on it, you can still determine if your tractor tire is experiencing any wheel slippage by observing your tractor’s performance. Because slippage leads to higher fuel consumption, it is wise to replace your tires to keep the tractors efficient. The fresh treads of the new tires will tackle such terrain in a more efficient way without consuming extra fuel.

Replace Tractor Tires

Rough ride

Lawn tractors might be a little shaky because they were designed that way. If you notice significant shakiness during you are using the tractor, your tires are probably flat or misshapen and they need to be repaired. If you check the grass, you can determine the wobble. Because lawn tractors don’t cut grass evenly that shake too much. This shows a piece of evidence for the tire problem and probably your tractor tires need to be changed.


These are the indicators that you need to mind if you own a tractor or lawnmower. Their tires will get depleted over time. Maintenance is an important way of keeping your tools and equipment in good shape and healthy order. To maximize efficiency and minimize any possible downtime.

It is very important to replace your worn-out tires. They not only provide benefits for your tractor or lawnmower. It keeps the ground from ruining on which you are operating. Of course you want a better ride and a proper lawn with consistent traction. This will help your tires to avoid any kind of accident. So, replacing your tires or at least checking if they need replacement, is necessary for your good.


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