What is an Air Fryer – Benefits, Pros, Cons

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Do you like eating French fries on a regular basis? No one can resist eating this crunchy happiness. What about Fish and potato chips?

These are some of the mouth-watering delicacies we love to indulge ourselves in. But do you know all these oily meals can cause you obesity? Are you aware of the fact that eating excessive oily food is harmful to your health?

According to WHO, around 48% of the world population is obese. Obesity is the major cause of several diseases such as coronary heart problem, heart attack, diabetics and many more.

What is an Air Fryer - Benefits, Pros, Cons

So what is obesity? If your current weight is more than 20%than it should be, you are likely to suffer from obesity. The most common causes are consuming too much oily food and physical inactivity. Most of the meals we eat are cooked in oil. Some of them require frying them in oil. The oil used is often not healthy.

This has raised concern among many consumers. As everyone is concerned about healthy cooking and want a healthy lifestyle, they demand something innovative and fast. With recent improvements in the appliance industry, several companies have come up with Best Air fryers.

Air Fryers come in various shapes and sizes, ranging from big to small. It can be used to cook fish, chicken breast, steak, cakes, muffins, eggs and many more.

Philips, NuWave, Kalorik etc. are some of the famous names which manufacture air fryers. Now you can prepare your favorite dishes with the touch of a button. With Air fryers, life just got tastier. Besides, the health benefits are attractive.

The most attractive feature of Air Fryer is that they use as minimum oil as possible, usually about at-spoon. Thus, you are consuming less calorie every day. This reduces the chance of consuming too much oil. Plus, you can cook faster and quicker. This is applicable for any kind of dish.

Typical fryers require cooking in submerged oil.  But with Air Fryer, you can cook quickly because of the built-in radiators which radiate heat to the food. Plus, hot air is pushed to the food by the fans at high speed. There is an exhaust at the back which excludes any access hot air.

Benefits of Air Fryer

Air Fryers Have Many Alluring Benefits Which Makes It a Perfect Choice For Any Customer.

    • The appliance is portable and compact. This means you can carry it anywhere, no matter where you go camping or arrange a picnic.
    • Air Fryer is suitable for any kind of dish, starting from fish, chicken, and steak or fries.
    • If you enjoy cooking or want to experiment with food, Air fryer comes with recipe books where you can find around 150 cooking ideas. This will surely help you to get new cooking ideas.
    • Air Fryers use as minimum oil as possible to prepare food. This reduces calorie intake. If you are on a diet and hope to lose weight as soon as possible, this is the perfect choice for you.
    • It has an adjustable knob where you can adjust the time and temperature as you want.
    • Air Fryers hold the nutritional content of the food. So you can enjoy healthy and delicious food every time you use this appliance.
    • A food agitator continuously mixes the food to ensure even cooking.
    • It also has safety benefits. Air fryer prevents any hot oil splitting or hot water splashing while using.
    • With Air fryer, cooking is fast and efficient. This is because the air fryer surrounds the food with a thin layer of oil.
    • This ensures fast and efficient cooking. You can cook in less than 3 minutes.
    • Many professional chefs and experts use Air Fryer to cook food because of its safety and healthy features.
    • If are a busy person and need to cook meal easily, please go for Air fryers.
    • Air fryers can be controlled by your smartphone via Bluetooth. Simply put the ingredients and select the recipe. The food will be cooked automatically.
    • The aroma filter prevents the smell from spreading.
    • The device is easy to clean and maintain.


  • You require a minimum amount of cooking oil. This makes the food a lot healthier.
  • If you are a new user, the user manual is there to guide you. Plus, you will get additional accessories to make
  • cooking fun for you. You will also get a recipe book containing 150 recipes.
  • It can be connected with your smartphone. You can instruct the Air Fryer to cook anything for you.
  • It has aroma filter to prevent any smell from spreading. Other safety features inhibit any water or oil from splitting or splashing.
  • The nutritional content of the food remains intact. So you can enjoy the nutritional benefits.
  • Cooking food is fast and quick. A thin layer of oil surrounds the food making it crispy. The built-in radiator pushes hot air over the food.
  • The device can be carried anywhere.


  • You cannot cook a large quantity of food.
  • Some fryers might be too expensive. Also, it might not be cheap to maintain.
  • The guidelines might be inaccurate.
  • The cooked food is soggy and less flavorful sometimes.
  • It might use too much space to store.
  • Sometimes, users find it very hard to slide the pan into the fryer.

The review and opinion of many customers have been taken. They highly recommend using an Air Fryer. Experts suggest to strictly follow the user manual. The guidelines will surely make cooking easy. They claimed that best air fryer with rotisserie appliance has helped them to achieve their fitness goals.

While using the fryer, you just need to spray oil and you are good to go! You can operate the fryer smoothly for years since it comes with a guarantee. You are strongly recommended to place the pan correctly else bubbling might occur. If you have burnt the food, please soak the pan under water.

But make sure you completely dry the pan before using. If not, this might reduce the performance of the appliance. Also, it is very important to check the fryer before using. The cords and plugs must be in good condition. Do not use excessive oil to cook. This might cause food to remain undercooked. If you face any hazard, feel free to contact the manufacturer.

However, it very essential to cool the fryer after cooking. Handle the fryer with care and make sure you do not scratch the device with any utensil. Lastly, you are requested to buy the fryer from registered sellers.

In case, if some parts get damaged, make sure you visit the service center to repair the fragile parts. Any worn out part should be replaced immediately. You need to clean the fryer with a cleaning brush on regular basis to avoid build up of any dirt or grease.  All the parts can be removed and cleaned using any cleaning agent.

The parts can be assembled easily before using again. With a wet cloth, you must clean the outside as well. However, it is important to unplug the appliance first. Experts recommend cleaning the inside of the appliance with hot water and sponge. If you have cooked an oily meal like sausage or bacon, there might be white smoke coming out due to the accumulation of oil.

If there is any food stuck, please remove the food particles with a brush. Before you start cooking again, make sure the fryer is dry and clean. Else, dirt and bacteria might build up and make everything unhygienic. For this, you can use any baking soda or aluminum foil to remove any residue.

All in all, Air fryer is a brilliant device that will certainly make life better for you. It has excellent features that enable you to cook healthy and mouth-watering dishes. While using traditional fryers, you need to cook the food by submerging in oil. The technique is quite unhealthy and time-consuming. This can easily cause health problems.

We all know, consuming too much oil is not the right option if you want to live longer. You can easily come across numerous Air fryers, each with its unique benefits. If you are someone who is always in a rush, bring in Air Fryer. You can enjoy mouth-watering delicacies every day at your home. If you are trying to reach your fitness goals, this device is an ideal option for you.

Air fryer uses as minimum oil as possible which makes your diet healthy. This is also economical because you require less oil for cooking any dish. Also, you prepare a wide variety of dishes. Plus, the recipe book is there to help you create new dishes.

In addition, there are safety features to ensure healthy cooking. Besides, the user manual is very helpful as it guides the users with suggestions. The cooked food is crispy and crunchy as a thin layer of oil surrounds the food. The radiator also pushes hot air over the food. The air filter removes any greasy smell. All these features are absent in any oven or traditional fryers. So get yourself an Air Fryer today!

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