Maintenance Tips to Help Tractor Tires Last Longer

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Proper Maintenance Tips to Help Tractor Tires Last Longer and this is important to keep your tractor in good shape is to maintain your tractor tires to last long as much as possible. The tire is one of the most important pieces of equipment for a tractor to operate. Without the tire, you won’t be able to function with a lawnmower or a tractor tire.

So, maintaining a tractor tire is essential. Also, you can save a ton of money by keeping your tire in a healthy state for a long time. In that way, you do not have to spend your money on replacing tires very frequently. That saves a big amount of money from tire expenses if they are maintained properly.

Using a healthy tire that works properly is important in order to prevent any kind of accident. If the tractor runs into any kind of accident because of its tires’ fault, it will just only be a reason for a lot of expenses that come along with it.

Before you go on with how to keep your tractor tires in top shape, first you should know what makes them go bad in the first place.

Maintenance Tips to Help Tractor Tires Last Longer

When Do You Know Your Tires Need Replacement?

To avoid the frequent change of tractor tires, they need to be maintained. Proper maintenance of tractor tires is essential to vehicle owners. Many tractor tires have sleep indicators nowadays, but the old tires did not have this luxury. The dirt in the tire’s lugs needs to be checked to confirm that.

When the slippage increases, it may be time for a replacement of your tires. It would be wise to check for other signs to know if your tire needs replacement. Such signs are:

Cuts or Bulges on Tire Surface

To avoid any delay or injury during production, you should fix your tractor tire immediately. Your tractor tire might have cuts, bulges, punctures, or any negative impacts from the roads or bad road conditions can create this problem.

Deflated Tire

Lack of air pressure can cause deflated tires, you should know by now. Once these tires are deflated, the sidewall of the tires is prone to damage.

Cracks Because of Dryness

The tires can lose their flexibility due to cracks, they will deteriorate the tire. The cracks can lead to tread separation if the tires are left unchecked. The cracks may appear when the tire is hardened.

Uneven Wear

A tire will wear out unevenly when it lacks air pressure. You will see a one-shoulder wear sometimes, when the tire is tilted to one side, it exerts more pressure on one of its shoulders.  When the tire lacks air pressure, two-shoulder wear may also happen.

The outer parts of the tread come into contact with the road too much when this happens.  This leads to cause more treadwear. Treadwear can also appear in the center of the tire if the tire is over-inflated.

Bias Ply or Radial: Which One Is Better?

When it comes to flexibility, a bias tractor tire has the upper hand. They are comfortable and will give you a smooth ride on rough terrains. But there are some drawbacks with biased tires. They are very hard to control during high speed, and bias tires have less traction.

If you are looking for longevity, then a radial tire is a good option. Their length of life is longer than bias and they are stronger within. They have more control when tractors are driven at high speed, but they give a rough ride when at lower speed. Also, they lack the self-cleaning ability.

Is It Okay to Buy Used Tires?

Buying a new tire may be most preferable, but it is not easy and also expensive. Replacing tires is difficult, especially when the tires are very expensive. In this case, buying a used tire might be a good option.

If you manage to buy used tractors that are good, they are not likely to break down any soon. The price of used tractor tires usually depends on how much preserved they were. Check the tread wear and the signs of whether that tire is eligible for second-hand use before you buy them.

Also, you can raise money by selling your used tractors. You can have additional funds in that way. There are plenty of buyers who would like to purchase used tractor tires for other purposes such as furniture or gym maybe.

Maintenance Tips for Your Tractor Tires

When you are preparing to work with your tractor or lawnmower, it is best that you check on its tires to make sure it is alright to use and prevent any kind of accident. When you keep the tires sitting on barns or garages for a long time, they may develop flat spots due to cold weather and dampness.

The tires can rot if they are stored in a moist environments or wet conditions. If you can address such issues beforehand, you can save a lot of money. Check on your tires before you gear up for the season. This will be very helpful for you in the long run. Here are some steps to maintain your tires:

Maintenance Tips for your tractor tires

Digital Tire Gauge

A digital tire gauge will help you to find out if your tire is safe or not. They are not very expensive but they might come helpful if you purchase them. With this, you can know if your tire is properly inflated or not.

Place int on the tread and extend the probe between the space of the lugs to see the tire’s inflation. A tractor’s tires need proper pressure when driving on roads. They need a specific kind of pressure when they are working in the field. This is where the digital gauge comes in. It tells you whether your tires are operational for a particular field with proper inflation.

Inspect the Sidewalls

You should inspect the sidewalls of your tires to see if there are any cracks or any major cuts exposed as an indication of damage. Your tires can have flat spots even when it is unused for months. Inspect for exposed cords or anything like that.

When tires are left for longer periods of time, they can change shape due to the cold and moisture environment. This can make your tires to be unsafe for driving your vehicles. Look out for any such situations.


  • If the sidewalls are extremely damaged and on the verge of blowing
  • Deep scratches on tire threads
  • Flat spots that do not go away, even after giving a test drive

See if these things are okay with your tire, or otherwise, it won’t be safe to ride with it. If you are confused with the conditions of your tire and not sure whether it is safe to use them or not, you can get them checked by a professional for maintenance before the beginning of your fieldwork season.

Measure the Tread Depth

It is known that if your tire tread has faded more than 20 percent then you will need to replace your tires. Measure the tread depth of your tire for knowing if it still has an adequate amount of depth remaining for safe use.

The depth of your tire’s tread does matter, they affect your tractor’s performance. So, proper maintenance is necessary. Your vehicle won’t respond properly during rainy or snowy seasons with worn-out treads. They will respond very poorly on such difficult terrains, such as surfaces in wet conditions. This is essential for safety.

Examine the Contact Area

It would be very wise if you check between the equipment tire lugs and the ground. If the lugs are up in the air, then it means that your tires are over-inflated. You may not find out about this with a tire gauge. The space between the lugs and the ground indicates that.

If your tire inflates more than it is recommended, then it is likely to affect the tire’s ability on the grip to the road and its performance.  You should inflate the tires up to recommended level, whether you are using them or storing them. Air pressure can change in different seasons, so keep that in mind.

Check your tire pressure through the storage period, as you know they can increase or decrease due to weather conditions. When you remove them from storage, check their space between lugs and the grounds.

When to Buy New Tires?

Take proper action to assess all your tires when you store them up during winter. You need to have faith in your tires if you are planning to work with them on the field or road. You should not take the risk of putting them on the job blindly before you make sure of their safety.

If you spot a sign of damage on your tires and still chose to go on with them, that is dangerous. Do not ignore such signs. When you see such similar things happening to your tires, consider changing them for better performance from your tractor.

Tips to Maintain Your Tractor to Take Care of the Tires

Tractor tires are one of the most valuable parts of the investment for a tractor user, and they can be expensive to maintain. Here are some tips to maintain your tractor tires-

Educate Yourself About the Manual

It is important to know the do’s and don’ts for the tractor tires. For that, it is important to have some proper knowledge about the manual. Understanding the manual here is important. Manuals are supposed to have a list of basic instructions on taking care of the vehicles. It should give you the manufacturer’s advice on troubleshooting any problems, if occur with your tractor.

Learn About Your Tires Specification

The tractor tires’ may have different specifications for different tires. They may vary in height, width, and diameter. The model number, size, and the recommended tire pressure and weight will also vary.

Get the Proper Tools

Invest in the proper tools to use that can help to maintain your tractor if you are already investing in tractors. Heavy-duty vehicles such as this require large wrenches and other necessary tools to keep them up in good shape.

Check the Tire Inflation

Try to avoid running on low tire pressure as much as possible, as they are responsible for damaging tractor tires and increase in tread wear. All tires have a recommended air pressure suggested in the manual. Check for the tire pressure on the manual. That will make the tractor to be more efficient and safe to use.

Say No to Overloading the Tractor

The carrying load capacity of each tire is different. Doing so above its recommended load level will not only cause damage but also increase the tread wear on that tire.

Keep Your Tractor Tires Clean

It is very important to keep both your tractor and its tire, clean. It helps to spot leaks and damages on the tires while cleaning. There are some tires that come with self-cleaning ability. It depends on how deep the tread is.

What Is Inside a Tractor Tire?

What Is Inside a Tractor Tire?

There are different kinds of tractor tires, but their shapes depend on their purpose. Tractor tires are usually heavy on weights to take on a massive amount of force and weight. They are not just round pieces of rubber, you need to know their different types as well as purpose. Here are the types of tires:


A bias tractor tire usually has many layers of rubber intersecting with each other. The crown and the sidewalls are interdependent in a bias tire. They are more flexible and more sensitive to overheating, thanks to its plies.

It has tensile steel wire of beads that binds them to the rim. The cords stretch out from bead to bead at a 35 degree angle opposing on a crisscross pattern. A bias tractor tire is supposed to give a flexible and comfortably smooth ride on rough terrains, but they are very hard to control at high speed and have less traction.

Belted Bias

A belted bias tractor tire also has overlapping crisscrossing layers of multiple rubber plies, similar to the bias tractor tire. There is a difference between the belted bias tire and a bias tractor tire. It steels stabilizing corded belt is attached under the tread of a belted bias tractor tire.

The tire performance of a belted bias tractor tire is improved than that of a bias tractor tire because their layers are positioned at different angles with different construction patterns. This tire is somehow better than bias tractor tires when driving at a higher speed and provides a comfortable ride due to the belt.


A radial tractor tire has cords extending from its beads, across the tread which is placed at the right angles prior to the center of the tread. This is something you do not see in bias or belted bias tractor tires.

The cords are not placed in a crisscrossing position, instead they are parallel to one another. Just beneath the tread, the stabilizer belt is placed. This way of construction strengthens the tire and also lengthens its life.

It brings more control over the vehicle with this tire and lowered the resistance when trucks or tractors are being driven at high speed. There are also drawbacks to this tire, they tend to give a rough ride when at lower speeds. Also, they do not come with the self-cleaning ability when compared to some other features with other types of tires.


The points that you have read so far are the reasons why you should replace your tractor tires when necessary. When the need arises, do not neglect to change them. If you do not change your tractor tires, there is the chance of you running into accidents with your vehicle.

New tires may also keep your tires risk-free when you are riding on uneven grounds or in rough conditions. It may be expensive to change your tires but, doing so will save your expenses in long term. Keeping these in mind, one should pursue investing in tires if they are keen to keep their vehicle’s performance in top shape.

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