Detailed Discussion about What Size Meat Grinder Do I Need?

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For meat lovers, a bone meat grinder is an essential thing to acquire. Whatever your reason is for considering a meat grinder, you should choose a size that is appropriate for you.

There are too many sizes for a meat grinder, which may leave the customer confused and baffled. Many sizes are pretty common among the buyer, and some sizes are scarce to find. The most common sizes of meat grinders would be #5, #8, #12, #22 and #32.

You need to grasp how a meat grinder works to decide the proper size for the bone meat grinder you want to get.

A meat grinder has a grinding plate that needs to be set at the end of the tube. The grinding plate is a round-shaped small part that has a diameter according to the size of the meat grinder.

The capacity of the grinder mainly depends on the diameter of the grinding plate. In your meat grinder, the more space the feeding tube has, the more spacious the diameter of the grinding plate will be.

What Size Meat Grinder Do I Need

Meat Grinder for Home Use: What Size Do You Need?

The smallest size you can get for a meat grinder is #5, #8, and #12. Usually, you can see these sizes for home use. These are very suitable for infrequent users, who grind meat once or twice a month.

These small-size meat grinders come cheap in price comparing other sizes, but the volume of the meat to grind altogether at once is not that much. A size #8 grinder is appropriate for light use and comfortable enough.

If you like to enjoy putting a larger chunk of meat on the tray, then I would suggest the one with a wider feeding tube to take in. This might be your preference because you have a bigger family, a lot of mouths to feed at once, or you need to grind meat frequently at home because you just love them and cannot go a week without meat! If that is the case, then #12 will be more appropriate for you.

Meat Grinder for Grinding Bones: What Size Do You Need?

What Size Meat Grinder Do You Need for Grinding Bones

With a meat grinder, the capacity of grinding bones does not matter on its size. Many of you want to grind bones to prepare pet food. You can use a #12 meat grinder for grinding bones if it has a powerful motor.

If it is for commercial use, a size of #22 or #32 would be more appropriate. #22 and #32 are good for heavy home use or if you want to grind bones. They are much suitable for grinding bones than the #12 size meat grinder and capable enough for processing bigger sizes of meats at a time.

Meat Grinder for Deer Meat: What Size Do You Need?

You may be wondering about the size of a meat grinder that will fit grinding dear meat.  If you to make a homemade burger, meatballs with deer meat for your family or friends now and then, or if you are planning for a party after deer hunting, why you are looking for a meat grinder that will serve your purpose.

Things to keep in mind for getting the best meat grinder for deer- the capacity, source of power, sturdiness, ergonomics, versatility, and the grid size.

To ground deer meat, a 6mm hole is perfect. For deer meat, the grinder should be durable if it wants to withstand deer meat. Many of the meat grinder for deer are made of stainless steel, copper, or aluminum materials.

Even though some models come only to chop meats, we suggest you select the device which has strong blades and good enough to cut through thick deer meat.

Well, it is important to find the perfect size for grinding deer beforehand you buy them. This is why you should know the uses for each grinder size. Different size of grinder comes with different plate diameters, blade diameters with different blade shapes.

Here is a table provided with different grinder sizes specification:

Grinder SizePlate DiameterBlade DiameterBlade Hole SizeUses
#52 1/8-inch1 7/8-inch¼-inchFine grind for meat and beef jerky
#82 1/2-inch2 1/8-inch3/8-inchMedium grind for hamburgers and sausage
#10/#122 3/4-inch2 3/8-inch7/16-inchCoarse grind for pepperoni and salami
#20/#223 1/4-inch2 7/8-inch½-inchCoarse grind for chili meat, chorizo, & etc.
#323 7/8-inch3 1/2-inch5/8-inchVery coarse, for the large volume of meat, commercial space
#425 1/6-inch4 5/8-inch7/8-inchVery coarse, for heavy use, large size meat, at Restaurants

What Size Meat Grinder Do You Need for Commercial Use?

Meat Grinder for Commercial Use: What Size Do You Need?

In recent days, many hotels and restaurants prefer to have grinders to grind meat rather than buying processed meat from departmental stores to avoid unhealthy aspects. Meat shops also have meat grinders for heavy meat grinding usage.

A size #32 is mostly seen among commercial places. They are appropriate for the large amounts of meats and holds a strong caliber to grind them.

The size #42 is a bit rare and won’t be as available as #32. It is for heavy use, maybe in factories─ factories that need mass production for sausages and etc.

Bottom line

The significance sizes for meat grinders are huge. The number of holes in a plate to its given size may vary sometimes. For whatever use you may have been looking for, find the right size for your purpose.

Know the difference between the sizes─ use for home, mild grinding, or commercial use.


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